__snowqueen (__snowqueen) wrote in cuddlykittens,

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My kitten George:
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George is a girl, Fred, her brother is obviously a boy. They are Piglet's cousins and playmates until they were given away to my mom's friends.
Pretty kitty.. what a sweet little angel.

they're both beautiful. I'm sure Piglet is even more so!
Yes, I know. Piglet is a cute white kitten like her mother was when she was a kitten! In that picture, George is leaning on Piglet. Piglet is that white furball. But these days, she's thinner. Ashley and Moomoo, the mothers of the kittens, are pregnant again so maybe soon I can have more pictures of kittens.
you should really get the moms fixed. There are too many kittens in the world that have to be killed because there aren't enough good homes.. I was happy for you until I read that they're preggers again.

It's really irresponsible. :(