Katie (slave_to_music) wrote in cuddlykittens,

new kitten...please help

(sorry, this has been x posted in a few other communities, but I really need advice)

After my mom's dog passed away, we decided we would get her a kitten. We got her a little black and white kitten (now 8 weeks old) name Muffin. At first, she was real sweet and you were able to hold her and play with her.

But then my dad started to play rough with her and now she's 'wild.' She'll be good for about 5 minutes, then she'll chew at your arm, climb up your leg, smack you in the face (I actually got my eye scratched and had to go to a doctor), chew at your feet, just a handful. I know she's a kitten and kittens might act that way, but she never acted that way before my dad started playing with her.

Right now, we have two other cats (and one of the cats hates Muffin). So Muffin stays in her own little room while we slowly try to introduce the two cats. Anytime she starts acting 'wild,' we put her up. She has lots of toys and we try to play with her when we get her out.

Here's my question; besides not playing rough with her anymore, how else can we calm her down?
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When she starts acting that way... smack her on the nose or spray her (lightly) with water, and say NO! Very clearly, and then ignore her for a while. She has to learn that that behavior is unacceptable. Good luck!